If you feel like you need to reset your digestive system and get educated about gut health, Valeta is your lady! She came to my rescue with her 7 day juice detox program combined with colonics. She is an extremely professional and knowledgeable practitioner with excellent bedside manner.

By the end of the program I felt refreshed,renewed and bursting with energy! This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my health.

Along with her extraordinary knowledge of supplementation I can only recommend her as a holistic healer whose integrity is unquestionable and whose kindness goes beyond the call of duty. 

AnonymousHolistic Cleansing Therapies Client

Valeta is extremely knowledgeable about the digestive system and brings her many years of experience to each treatment offering practical sound advice.

AnonymousHolistic Cleansing Therapies Client

Colonics with Valeta always  leave me feeling energized. I can highly recommend her.

AntoniaHolistic Cleansing Therapies Client

She is kind and warm and puts one at ease during the colon therapy, which is naturally a highly personal form of treatment.

AnonymousHolistic Cleansing Therapies Client

I was introduced to Valeta by my pilates teacher Leigh O’Brein in 2007.  Both myself and my 2 young children have been regular customers for BodyTalk with Valeta since then.  Over the years it has helped me to find calmness and to release all sorts of emotions that would have otherwise been pushed down.  It has also helped me gain massive insight into how my children are coping with their daily lives at home and at school by taking them to Valeta when necessary over the past 10 years. My husband, who in the past has been very skeptical has also realised how beneficial BodyTalk can be over the past 12 months and now even asks for an appointment when he is feeling stressed and overwhelmed without me suggesting one.

Valeta is also very gifted in the field of distance work using BodyTalk.  Besides helping family and friends during difficult times,  she has done quite a few sessions on my eldest son who started at boarding school this year.  The distance  sessions have helped me to find out how he is coping with his new environment as well as to help him release emotions he didn’t even know about.  The accuracy of her feedback is ‘spooky’!

Valeta is also a qualified colonic therapist and fasting advisor.  I had done quite a few water fasts prior to meeting Valeta so the emotional and physical benefits were not foreign to me.  However, Valeta has helped me to see the many benefits of juice fasting under her expert guidance.  Her experience on the subject of fasting and nutrition is vast!  Along with her extraordinary knowledge of supplementation I can only recommend her as a holistic healer whose integrity is unquestionable and whose kindness goes beyond the call of duty. 

Sue Holistic Cleansing Therapies Client

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valeta colon irrigation

Hi, I’m Valeta Leigh

I’ve been in the Integrative / alternative / complimentary health field for about 25 years.  What led me there was my own poor health.  In 1993 I was suffering from chronic fatigue which took me on a journey of self-discovery. 

The medical profession had no solution for chronic fatigue so I started looking for natural treatments and discovered Life Science which finally helped me by following a diet of raw fruit and vegetables and water fasting. 

After just 2 months of eating raw I had all my energy back and could function normally again.

From there I started researching fasting and detox and was introduced to Dr Bernard Jensen’s teachings of having a clean digestive system and that 90 percent of disease begins in the colon. It was life changing!

I started practicing the 7 day detox as developed by Dr Jensen by sharing this incredible therapy with all my clients.

A match made in heaven

From there I discovered and studied BodyTalk and the two therapies went so well together that it brought about change in many people’s lives.

Nineteen years later I am still helping people to change their lives by participating in the 7 day detox and dealing with their stress and traumas through BodyTalk.